1965 Shelby 427 S/C Cobra replica


Order placed: September 12, 2001   Snakepit Automotive, Freeport NY  - Delivery February 14, 2002

 Indigo Blue - Titanium Stripes


Why Superformance?  QUALITY  -  As a matter of record, in 2006
'Carroll Shelby'
began having Superformance build his "continuation" replica's.


Ford   351W "smallblock" stroked to 392 C.I. ( 450+ hp )  
Vehicle weight with full tank & driver: 2,525 lbs.
750 cfm Barry Grant Speed Demon Carburetor
Tremec 5 speed - Ford 9" rear - axle Ratio: 3.55:1
Click on the car - to view the video on making of my 'Cobra'
Fun factor?      If you have to ask, you'd never understand.
Best of show - 2004   Sayville Ford    (80+ entries)
Best in Class -  Fire Island Lighthouse Benefit  Car show 2004  (729 entries)
Pretty?   Maybe...  but this snake has  "Pferdestärke"
-  she's faster than she is pretty  -
for street legal transportation?   Scary fast !!!   (at least to me)


All cars need a name, no?
My first trip out in "Evangeline"
 (April 1, 2002)


Robert Moses State Park,
Fire Island Lighthouse - NY (2005)


Greenport "club cruise" (2004) Port Jefferson "club cruise" (2004)


Captree State Park (2004)


Long Island Cobra group

cruise to, NYC (2005)

Hosted by the

Columbus Circle Cobra Club NYC


Click on the car - to view the video of multi images of my 'Cobra'

In my yard, the Cobra waits to strike,

ready to terrorize Vipers, 'vettes, or  Dr. Ferdinand's 930's

that stray into her territory .....


Yes, driving one is hot, LOUD, bumpy, and smells of exhaust fumes - oh,
and absolutely the most fun that can be had with your clothes still on !!!


...No, I haven't tried driving around nekkid ..... (yet)  -  but if I ever do get bored driving her, all bets are off !


Click on this "CAR" for a demonstration on"how to NOT drive a Cobra" video

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